Always on time and great quality! These guys are great to have come out and work on your roof. They are professional and polite.

Randy L

Very professional crew. Thorough and very easy to deal with. They are very knowledgeable, and can help you figure out what will work best in your given situation.

Julia L

Great quality work! Very responsive and keeps the client up to date during the process. Roper and crew take pride in their work and caring for their clients. I would definitely recommend Legion Roofing!

Jamie H

These guys are professional and have top tier materials! Our roof was done ten years ago by some other outfit and did a cheap job and these men came in and fixed EVERYTHING, the work is WELL WORTH the price, if you need anything they're prompt to answer and they take their time to do a very impressive job, their work is guaranteed and the best roofing I've EVER seen, very respectful and humble, I will never go through another outfit! Plus, they even went out of their way when our roof was leaking and tarped it over so the rain would no longer seep until they could actually get over to work on it, and THAT is AMAZING customer care that I've never experienced before, they treated us wonderfully and were never short or rude once, thoroughly impressed and will recommend.

Jenifer B